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Anne and the Twentieth Century
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The Letters of My Grandfather, Moses Perry Johnson, 1911-1928
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Search for Philip K Dick, Revised 2009, with new material, by Anne R Dick
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Signed copy of Search for Philip K Dick by Anne R Dick
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Praise for Anne's Poetry

The books themselves are beautiful, and the typesetting . . . is a pleasure to read. I connect with some of the poems immediately.

Randal Radin, Radiologist, USC Keck School of Medicine

I . . . could relive the girlhood times on the grass chasing lightning bugs. . . . There is a great flow of well-worded thoughts and spontaneity and lots of bitter-sweet humor.

Elizabeth Cohen, Artist

I liked . . . especially those in Space & Love. As I started reading the first book of yours I picked (at random), a sentence of Robert Frost's came to my mind.... The remark in question runs something like this: "Any fool can get into a poem, but it takes a poet to get out of one." . . . you can definitely hang out a shingle saying, "Poet in Residence." From book to book, your poems are quite different/diverse, but all have in common that you get out of a poem brilliantly.

Robert Philmus, Professor Emeritus

It's been the highlight of my days to read your poetry...

Sarah Thyr, ND

I marvel about your access to creativity and expression. What you have written is fun, colorful, reflective. May inspiration continue to flow through you.

Dario Schwartzstein, Argentinian film documentarian

Intelligent, curious, saucy, different, inventive.

Lynn Axelrod, Journalist

So many of them make me chuckle - just a little bit, and usually right at the end.

Elizabeth Ptak, Essayist

I am not a poetry person, but I had a hard time putting this book ["Penelope of the Mind"] down. It's LOVELY.

Nancy Axford

[The poems bring back] memories of living in Point Reyes Station. Poems, like writing, are like verbal paintings to me ... I see Cypress Road, the eucalyptus trees, the white cyclamen (in your garden) and I hear your thoughts.

Ellen Masur

I loved your so ironic charming funny serious truthful poems.

Jane Foster, Teacher and Activist

It is a treat to browse through the pages and recognize a familiar thought so lucidly expressed, and to encounter your explorations in uncharted regions of mind and soul. Even the funny, quirky bits claim further attention!

Joan Kurtz

I enjoyed reading "Penelope of the Mind". The tone of these poems is light and playful, thoughtful and reflective, sometimes nostalgic.

Carrie Asman, Art Historian

"BRILLIANT! Pithy, witty, humorous, serious, intelligent, aware of the world as it is this very very minute--I will tell you that as a fellow person who writes poems, I felt pangs of jealousy (the good kind of jealousy, like 'why haven't I written something like that?'

such as
'Prairie dog heads pop out of the grass/one gazes at me'
'some of the tiny blue specks are swamped by anger....'

There are so many, many lines that I'll want to come back to--I see in your writing also the gift... of ... spontaneity and surprise, the dry turnarounds, the soft irony.

There is much wisdom in the book --and many life lessons for us all!"

Poet Robert Whitehall on "Penelope of the Mind"

Having finally finished some assignments with insomnia-provoking deadlines I settled down to reading your poems--and settled and settled. They're quite wonderful.

Rebecca Goldstein author of Plato at the Googleplex

Just wanted to let you know that I've been enjoying your handsome books. I'm retired now, and so I've passed along the copies you sent to the bookstore staff.

Nancy Peters book buyer for City Lights