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Anne and the Twentieth Century
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The Letters of My Grandfather, Moses Perry Johnson, 1911-1928
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Search for Philip K Dick, Revised 2009, with new material, by Anne R Dick
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Signed copy of Search for Philip K Dick by Anne R Dick
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Email: Anne Dick

P.O. Box 459
Point Reyes Station, CA 94956

I started reading your book this morning and I love it! A great book, a monumental book, but the really monumental thing is your life of which the book is a reflection. You've had such an interesting life... You remember so many interesting things... and you tell about them so well. When I listen to a great solo musical performance, there comes a point where I say to myself "I trust this musician with my heart" and then I can relax and let the music take me where it wants to. That's the way I feel about your writing.

- First reader
Inverness, CA

Though it's true that everyone has a story to tell, Anne's is funnier, stranger, sadder, and more astonishing than the average bear's... a compelling storyteller ... a look at her early years in St. Louis which she evokes in rich novelistic detail.

Just as Anne's book on her late second husband [Search for Philip K Dick] was invaluable to people fascinated with his novels, her autobiography provides an invaluable window into what life was like during 1930's and 40's St. Louis. It's also a gorgeous literary memoir filled with very human characters. (Anne's mother, Hazel, emerges as one of the most vivid.) The cities Anne Inhabits also emerge as characters-as does the 20th century itself.

"I am a friend of this young man in Spain," she wrote, "and he said 'you've got to write about the 20th century. It was such a fantastic century.'" So I did."

- Stefene Russell
St. Louis Magazine, Oct 17, 2014

I am deep in the midst of your book. Love your descriptive passages on Point Reyes. You hit your stride there!!! The many poets and authors that you met were fascinating. At the time you met them, most of them had yet to carve out their renown. It's cool that you familiarly called William Inge "Bill."

You have had a mix of big city life and small town life. I think I like the parts about Point Reyes the best. . . .Father Schofield at St. Columba's was quite a character, to say the least! He's worth a whole book on his own. The human race is astonishing at times. Really enjoyed the different stages of horse-owning and all of the stories associated with it, especially on dressage, it's background, and the vaulting.

Deborah Brooks
artist and literary scholar
Charlottesville, VA

I finished reading the book this morning before arising. So wise and touching. I am so impressed with it and with your life. Of course a considerable part of its impact on me is due to the fact that I know so many of the characters, places and events in the Point Reyes part of it. Other contributions to its impact were your mind and heart, and your way of expressing them - simply and unapologetically. I loved reading your opinions about the world, most of which I agreed with, maybe even all.

Once again, thank you so much for writing this book and for giving me a copy.

- First reader
Inverness, CA